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Herbal, Migraine & Pain Aid Tincture


“Please consult a trained medical professional for any interactions with medication and Herbal supplements. When exhibiting symptoms of any illness, please consult a trained medical professional for diagnosis and treatment.”

Rheumatism, leg pain, Migraine pain, headache pain, knee pain, back pain, and any other swelling or pain can weaken your will to operate on a daily basis. Statistics show that over the past 70 years America has seen a gradual increase in the use of addictive Pain Medications. Many pain medications have severe contraindications and the side effects leave you wondering whether to endure the pain or take the medication. Of course, it would always be wise to listen to the advice of trained medical professionals, however, if you have any fears for the side effects (including addiction) to the onslaught of pain medications then try the “Headache, Migraine & Pain Aid” Herbal Restoration brought to you by Original Wellness.

This formula contains the herbal Extracts of Feverfew, Lemon Balm, Ginger and White Willow bark. These herbs have been shown to ease the effects of most pain in their early onset. Of course, if one has had recent surgery, accidents, or a chronic illness then this formula may not work for you. However, if you suffer from Migraines, headaches. Body aches, and other pains that travel throughout your body then this formula may work for you. This formula may also be used to help the body release some inflammation caused by mild injuries such as bumps or bruises. 

Please consult a trained medical professional when using this formula with other medications. This Herbal restoration does not replace any medicine that is doctor prescribed, please use with care. Please take 5-15 drops diluted in 8 oz of Spring or Distilled water.


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