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Anxiety/Relaxation Tincture


Today’s world and the daily activities required to live can make a person become “tense”. Muscle tension happens when the mind perceives a stressor as being an immediate reality. Physical tension can lead to high blood pressure and headaches. Both of these can lead to high anxiety, fear and overall stress. Our Herbal Restoration helps to reverse the unnecessary muscle tension and gives a sense of relaxation. This product is a combination of herbal extracts designed to help the body relax naturally. A proprietary blend of Herbal Extracts that contain Valerian root, Lavender and other extracts to help the body release tension and help with the symptoms of anxiety. Works in a few minutes after use. Please, use 5-10 drops in 8 oz of water prior to going to bed or in cases of extreme stress or anxiety. Do not take for longer than 5 consecutive days.

Do not take while using other supplements, medications, over the counter or prescribed, unless directed by a trained medical professional to do so. Do not take while driving, operating heavy equipment, may cause some drowsiness and fatigue”.


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