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This hot sauce is a seasonal product that is produced during the summer and early fall. Can you imagine the deliciousness of our Original Spice Hot Sauce but with pure Southern Peaches? Well, we have done it again! Introducing the Original Spice Peach Hot Sauce. This hot sauce is made of the best hot peppers from our garden or farm fresh combined with the best Southern peaches from South Carolina and Georgia. This hot Sauce is aged for maximum flavor and is made of the best seasoning to give maximum flavor in a unique blend of Hot Sauce. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the hottest ever) this hot sauce is about a 7 in heat level. Very similar in heat level as our popular Pineapple Hot Sauce. This may be a limited stock as Southern peaches are available from June thru August. As always, NO CHEMICALS ALL FLAVOR!



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