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Red Hot Sauce


(2 customer reviews)

There are many hot sauces available on the market, including some great artisan and homemade hot sauces. The difference in this Red-Hot Sauce and the others is real Natural Peppers and pure ingredients. Seasoned with the best seasonal herbs, spices and vegetables our Red-Hot Sauce will give you a bold flavor and a tolerable heat from a unique blend of garden-fresh hot peppers. This delicious hot sauce will give you all of the health benefits that only a natural hot sauce can give.  Research shows that when a person eats a lot of Hot or spicy food there can be an increase in weight loss. This assertion is not a sign of anything except a potential correlation between Hot Sauce and weight loss. Hot sauce can help with circulation challenges within the body. The capsaicin found naturally in a hot sauce mixed with the garlic and selected herbs and spices can help relieve you of high blood pressure and stress. Some studies have shown that hot peppers, hot sauce, can reduce some cancers in the body. This is made with all-natural ingredients, no chemicals. A hot sauce that goes great with everything.

Our hot sauce is aged and is a handcrafted blend of hot peppers, herbs and spices.  


Call: (470) 531-2676

Email: [email protected]

Reviews & Ratings

(2 customer reviews)

2 reviews for Red Hot Sauce

  1. Ella Gobbs

    An excellent hot sauce – it even goes good on eggs!

    • Tangela Hutson

      Thanks Ella! So happy you are enjoying the Hot Sauce. Contact us at 470.531.2676 for more!

  2. Bob Jones

    Great taste. Excellent product.

    • Tangela Hutson

      Thanks for your support, Bob! Contact us at 470.531.2676 for additional products!

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