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Savory Season-All 15oz


All-natural with no chemicals and in the spirit of providing the best option for overall health without compromising flavor; Original Wellness, LLC, has developed a very popular seasoning formula that has NO SALT, NO SUGAR, and NO HEAT. Yes, none of the concerning ingredients for those that have health sensitivities such as a low-sodium diet, stomach irritations, low-sugar diet or an intolerance or a low tolerance for “spicy” food or seasoning. How did we do it? Many years of research and an affinity for flavor have allowed us to develop a delicious seasoning blend you will love. This delicious blend has NO COMPARABLE meaning, it is Original and Unique. The base of the seasoning is made of a proprietary blend of mushrooms which provide that desirable flavor of “umami” or savory tastes. Many of our customers state that this blend is great on anything! We recommend that you use this in savory dishes (hence the name). We also include garden-fresh herbs and a subtle lemony flavor for that “salty” sensation that many crave. Works great with any rice dish, and great on any steak, chicken, turkey, or lamb dish. Tastes great with any vegetable dish. You can use this instead of any other seasoning. Great for those who wish to have a milder flavor without compromising deliciousness. Try a bottle and see for yourself, the great flavor that NO SALT, NO SUGAR, and NO-HEAT can have.


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