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Mini-Sun-Butter Cups


Enjoy Peanut Butter Cups. Then you will love Sun-Butter Cups! Everything that is to be loved about the traditional snack without the dangers and toxins of tree nuts. Sun-Butter cups are a delicious improvement to the nut-based chocolate snack of the old days. A healthier alternative to the potentially toxic Peanut Butter Cup. Sun-Butter Cups have a full “Nut” flavor without the dangers of nuts. These Sun-Butter cups are made with wholesome Sunflower Seed butter and delicious milk chocolate. Seeds are a healthier alternative and are part of the Original Diet of humans. Tree nuts often contain toxins that can be harmful to the human digestive system. This can cause some irritation and the early onset of digestive or endocrine diseases. Sunflower Seeds have been reported to have the health benefits of reducing cholesterol, reducing high blood pressure and improving memory. These Sun-Butter Cups are made to order for maximum freshness. Nut-free, all-natural milk chocolate cup with a gooey sunflower seed butter filling. These delicious sun-butter cups will have you wanting more after each bite.

Each package contains 20 Mini-Sunbutter Cups.


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