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Middle Eastern Black Seed Oil


*(Warning: this item is not meant to treat any health concerns but is meant to supplement a healthy diet. Please consult a trained medical professional before using any substance to treat a medical condition)*

For thousands of years, the world of health had many solutions. One of the most widely used health solutions for overall health is Black Seed Oil. The scientific name of Black Seed Oil is Nigella Sativa. Known in the Arab world as a “cure-all”, Black Seed Oil can help with many conditions topically as well as internally. Known amongst the Arabs as “Habb-e-Sauda” black seed is somewhat of a Holy Cure for many maladies.  The National Institute of Health has even recognized the use of Black Seed Oil for its Antibacterial effects, Antiviral benefits, and Antifungal effects. Internally in small dose, Black Seed Oil can help the heart by reducing the effects of Heart Failure (, helping with High Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, and inflammation of the blood by reducing high blood fat content. As you can see Black Seed oil by Original Wellness LLC is a great addition to your daily health regimen. Directions: Take 1 teaspoon daily as a supplement. Take 3 times a day if treating a virus or fungal infection. 

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