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Good Vibes Tea


The world is FULL of high stress, high anxiety, and high violence situations. Just watch the news and you will see. Tea has been one of the best ways to give the body what it needs to balance itself since the days of the Ancients. At Original Wellness LLC, we bring you a tea that is a special blend of the best herbs, flowers, spices, and tea that can help you with the need to “Feel Good”. Good Vibes Tea is formulated to help you get through the negative energy of life. The Ginger and Lime powder used is made, in-house, and is used to help with boosting brain functionality such as,” Ginger could also provide benefits for anxiety, depression, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and post-traumatic stress disorder.” (Humana researchers, 2023)

Lime fruit has been used to help with stress release in many cultures. Butterfly Pea Flower can help with anxiety, stress, and the effects of chronic stress. Green tea contains a healthy amount of caffeine that can help with proper alertness, according to researchers. Cinnamon has been shown through research to protect the brain from some forms of “breakdown” or deterioration that can happen from high-stress and negative situations. Use our Good Vibes Tea from Original Wellness LLC to help with the need to have good feelings all day.

(As with any Herbal supplementation, please consult a medical professional for potential contraindications with existing medications or medical conditions)


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