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Detox & Purify Tincture


Always consult a physician when starting a new diet. Please consult a trained medical professional for any interactions with medication and Herbal supplements. When exhibiting symptoms of any illness, please consult a trained medical professional for diagnosis and treatment.”

Heavy metals, unused medications, illicit drugs, environmental toxins, foodborne toxins, household toxins, and many other types of toxins enter the human body knowingly and unknowingly. The human detoxification system uses many organs and blood-based cells to help rid the body of unnecessary substances and microbes from the body. When the body is loaded with high levels of toxins then the immune system is compromised. This compromised immune system results in pimples on the skin, foul odors from the body’s crevices, foul smelling smells from the digestive system, and mucus development in the nostrils and esophagus.

   The “Detox & Purify” Herbal Restoration from Original Wellness contains Purple Nettle, Echinacea, Dandelion Root, Wormwood and other herbs that have been shown to help the human body Detox and Purify the systems designed to rid the body of toxicity. Detoxification is the new, but old, way to help the immune system rid itself of the unnecessary material from the human body. Please use 4 times a day for 2 weeks to help relieve the body of unnecessary material. Use fresh spring water or distilled water to dilute in 8 oz of water. Use 10-20 drops (as tolerable) for best results. Do not consume illicit drugs, red meats, high sugar foods, processed foods or smoke anything for best results. Works best with consumption of baked or boiled non- red meats, fresh fruits, salads made with lemon vinaigrettes, and beans. This type of diet with proper rest will help the body detox fully.


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