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Brain Development Tincture


“Please consult a trained medical professional for any interactions with medication and Herbal supplements. When exhibiting symptoms of any illness, please consult a trained medical professional for diagnosis and treatment.”

 Brain fog, forgetfulness, tired brain, some memory loss, and trouble with focus are all signs that the connections within the brain system are compromised. Along with poor nutrition and some medications, brain functionality can also be altered by lack of sleep and high levels of stress. 

   The “Brain Development” Herbal Restoration by Original Wellness is a combination of several herbs that are formulated to help enhance the functionality and connections of the human brain. This formula includes the Herbal extracts of Gotu kola, Ginkgo Biloba Ginseng, Turmeric and others. These herbs have been shown to help stabilize the brain and even enhance the “mood” of people. Research also shows that the Herbs in the Brain Development Herbal Restoration can help to give a more balanced mood under high levels of stress. Like any herbal Restoration, please consult a physician before use. Do not combine the Brain Development Herbal Restoration with any medication in particular with any medications prescribed by a psychiatrist as there may be adverse interactions. Please take 5-15 drops diluted in 8 oz of Spring or Distilled water.


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