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Anti-Viral Tincture


(2 customer reviews)

Colds, Flus, Viruses, and fungus are unpleasant microbes that the body does not want to have inside it. A person should consult a physician for any type of deadly illness. Nowadays, many people are confused as to what type of herbs one can use to combat all of these intrusive microbes in the human body. Our Anti-Viral Herbal Restoration combines 30 years of knowledge and success in treating and relieving the symptoms of many common ailments. Our Anti-Viral Herbal Restoration is designed with many extracts and herbs that have been reported by many users of herbs to have the effects of helping relieve the symptoms of Colds, Flus, Viruses and Fungus; combinations of herbal extracts designed to improve the effects of the immune system when fighting colds, flus and other viruses. Made with Oregano extract, Goldenseal extract, and other extracts that can help fight viruses. These herbs have been shown by many to be effective in fighting most viruses and funguses. Do not combine the use of this product with any medication without the consent of trained medical physicians. Take 5-15 drops (depending on how severe your symptoms are) in 8 oz of fresh water (do not use tap, purified or hose water). Take 1 series of drops every 4 hours until symptoms are relieved. Do not take for longer than 2 weeks.

“When exhibiting symptoms of any illness, please consult a trained medical professional for diagnosis and treatment.”


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Reviews & Ratings

(2 customer reviews)

2 reviews for Anti-Viral Tincture

  1. Ajoa Yemaya B. (verified owner)

    Very happy with my purchase, I am using for general wellness. I chose to use 10 drops in 16 oz of water (within a 24 hr period as described). I would suggest this product to others

    • Tangela Hutson

      Thanks so much Ajoa!!

  2. Dr Whitlow

    The anti viral and elderberry syrup work people. Get some today! Me and my son were both sick and traditional medicine was not working so we tried these products and within 3 days his Covid symptoms and my sinus infection had abated! We were both amazed at how much better we felt in such a short time. The products are pleasant tasting, relatively inexpensive and they work! We will be using these products as well as the hot sauce which was also flavorful and delicious!

    • Tangela Hutson

      Thanks for your support Dr Whitlow!!

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