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Sunflower Seed Crunchies


This snack is NOT made in a facility that manufactures or produces tree nuts. A delicious snack that will keep you coming back for another bite. Each package contains 12 Crunchies.

A delicious nut free alternative chocolate snack. Crunchies are handcrafted, made to order all-natural milk chocolate clusters blended with Sunflower Seeds. Seeds are a healthier alternative to nuts and are part of the Original Diet of Humans. Tree nuts often contain toxins that can be harmful to the human digestive system. This can cause some irritation in parts of the digestive system and the early onset of digestive or endocrine diseases. Sunflower Seeds have been reported to have the health benefits of reducing cholesterol, reducing high blood pressure and improving memory. Avoid tree nut snacks and eat Crunchies! 


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