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Elderberry Syrup with Goji Berries


Elderberry Syrup is a concentrated syrup made with a selection of herbs designed to enhance the healing properties of Elderberries. According to sources, elderberry has been known as an immune-boosting berry. Some have considered Elderberry Syrup to be one of the main natural tools to fight viruses. Some of the other benefits of Elderberry Syrup by original Wellness is that ours is made with Goji Berries as well. Goji Berries have the health benefits of helping improve vision, lower overall blood sugar, help with generalized allergies, immune system boosters, and help protect the neurological system. Both Elderberry and Goji Berries are used to give a dual benefit of enhanced immune system support. This is not like other simple Elderberry Syrups; this is for those who want the best. Concentrated for maximum effect and to enhance immunity and cardiovascular health.

(This product is not a drug, medication, or substitute for clinical medical advice. This product will not offer a diagnosis of any medical condition. Please consult a trained medical professional when diagnosing and treating any medical condition.)


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